7 Aspects of Areniss Indonesia

  • Palm Tree Cultivation / kawung

Nursery which is usually done naturally by the weasel, so at this time areniss with Mr. Udeh cultivating sugar palm by seedbed. With well-prepared seeds it is hoped that the results will be good for life.

  • Indonesian Natural Conservation

Areniss has been and is carrying out planting of sugar palm / kawung tree seeds that are scattered in various regions with the slogan “Let’s green Indonesian nature with the tree of life, Areniss”. That getting used to planting trees, the human need for nature and clean and fresh air is always maintained and maintained.

  • Empowerment & Partnership with Sugar Farmers

Areniss cares about community empowerment by working with sugar farmer groups as palm sugar processing partners. Areniss provided training in how to make ant sugar, and helped complete the needs of processing equipment, and established a sugar processing center at the village level (Mini Factory)

  • Palm Sugar Trading

The establishment of cooperatives is expected to create a sugar trading system that is able to maintain, fulfill and protect the needs of farmers, traders and consumers, especially in terms of price, availability, distribution and quality of products. Every party who wants to contribute to a better change in sugar trading can become a stakeholder of the cooperative in each village.

  • Healthy & Natural Product Processing

The uniform processing of all Areniss products is produced through a processing that meets food standards. The product processing process is very concerned about aspects of health and authenticity without using preservatives.

  • Use of Alternative and Environmentally Friendly Fuel Technology

In order to reduce the burden of farmers’ production costs in processing sugar as well as in order to avoid arbitrarily cutting trees, an alternative fuel is used, namely the utilization of wood waste.

  • Strategic & Synergistic Partnership

To succeed the Areniss Program, there needs to be synergistic cooperation from all parties involved. So that the creation of palm sugar trading system for the achievement of food sovereignty, especially palm sugar.

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