About Areniss

The areniss activity was initially around 2010 is the creative activities of young people who produce, process and market palm sugar with the main brands of Areniss Palm Sugar products with emphasis on Super quality, a fixed price for a certain period of at least 1 year, and processing is done organically , then in the last 5 years development has invited and fostered palm sugar farmers in a container group of farmers as many as 6 to 10 groups spread across various villages, villages, sub-districts and even districts.

In addition to trading the palm sugar, Areniss also cultivates palm trees / alms with alhamdulilah making nurseries of palm trees / kawung with an initial project in 2012 of 10,000 seedlings and as many as 300,000 seedlings until 2018 as well as making their own palm plantation demonstration area of ​​0.5 ha.

This areniss activity is then realized in the 7 Aspects of Areniss Indonesia Program.

  1. Mission and Vision
  2. Vision

To be the first company in West Java and Indonesia to work in synergy with farmers so that they are able to explore the potential benefits of palm / kawung trees from upstream to downstream so as to have a positive economic & ecological impact based on local wisdom and culture.

  1. Mission

Creating a profitable, harmonious, collective and long-term palm sugar trade management.

  1. Purpose

In 2018 able to produce, process and sell at least 10 tons of palm sugar per month for local and export markets with the support of 1 final processing plant and 3 group miniplants.

Able to continue to increase business growth every year at least 10% by implementing a replication of the 7 aspects of Indonesian areniss program in every village / sub-district / district in West Java.

  1. Indonesian Areniss Scheme, Cycle and Network

Areniss Business Activity starts from upstream to downstream, namely:

  1. Upstream Activities (ON Farm)
  • Nursery Nurseries
  • Aren Plantation has a cluster system
  • Farmers’ Education on the importance of Healthy, Natural and Fragrant Breeding, Planting & Sugar Production / SAW.
  • Establishment & Operationalization of Production Plant with Cooperative Management
  1. Downstream Activities (OFF Farm)
  • Final Treatment Plant
  • Packaging & Storage
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Consumer Education for Healthy, Natural and Fragrant

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